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There are three main types of showers:

  • Hot and cold tank or pressure fed Basic or thermostatic mixer
  • Electric mains pressure
  • Hot and cold tank fed mixer with integral electric booster pump

Each type has very specific and often critical electrical and water requirements. Texell Systems as experts in plumbing and electrical systems are best placed to advise your most appropriate choice.

Conventional Hot Water Cylinders

Most properties with conventional non combination boiler heating systems will have a conventional open vented copper hot water cylinder. The cylinder will often incorporate an immersion heater as a backup or secondary heat source although in properties with electric only power this may be the primary heat source. Texell Systems recommends duplex stainless steel cylinders in place of copper for cost and reliability reasons as well as being much more robust.

Unvented Hot Water Storage System (UHWSS)

Most larger new properties, usually with multiple bathrooms, have UHWSSs installed. These systems, often referred to as “Megaflo” systems benefit from mains pressure how water with a greater flow potential than conventional systems. They are however subject to more and significant safety concerns. A full system of devices to ensure correct and safe operation is incorporated and for this reason only appropriately qualified and registered operatives are legally allowed to install, repair and service them. Servicing should also be performed annually. Texell Systems has both the experience and qualification to comprehensively deal with these systems.

Boost Pumps

Many flats, small properties or multi occupancy buildings use or can benefit from water boost pumps. Boost pumps are used to increase hot and/or cold water pressure where there is insufficient ‘head’ to adequately supply taps and outlets. They are usually connected to holding tanks but some can be connected directly to the mains incomer. It is very important to choose the correct pump, position in plumbing circuit and its protection for long lasting operation. Texell Systems has experience ranging from boosting hot water in a small flat to boosting water for a block of flats from a 1000l holding tank.

Irrigation/Bore Hole Pumps

Commercial water distribution systems require specialist pumps to access and pump water from holding tanks or wells. Texell Systems has experience in these pumps and particularly in Irrigation systems. We specialise in Lowara pumps.