Fire Alarm Systems

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  • Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Design
  • FIA Trained to BS5839 pt1 (2002)


Most properties have smoke detectors installed. Older properties usually standalone battery operated and newer properties interlinked mains operated battery backed units. Newer systems may also include Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. These detectors must still be installed, checked and replaced appropriately not just to make sure that they will detect unsafe situations but to ensure that false alarms are minimised. False alarms are very dangerous as they desensitise occupants to responding correctly to alarms. Texell Systems understands these issues.

Multi occupancy buildings such as a block of converted or purpose built flats will usually have a fully automated fire alarm system typically where a common entrance way and/or evacuation route exists. It is much more important that the correct system is installed and all users fully understand its operation and how they can minimise false alarms. A worst case scenario is where false alarms are common and occupants simply ignore alarms. It is a part of current legislation that false alarms are actively and rigorously investigated and managed to eliminate this scenario. Texell Systems is trained and capable of finding faults in all alarm systems areas

Small Commercial

All commercial buildings will require some form of Fire Alarm System. This may be a policy document stating the responsibility of occupants to shout FIRE upon discovering one. Typically though in much the same way as multi occupancy buildings, if there are more than one independently operating area then a fully automated Fire Alarm System will be specified. Texell Systems can advise on and interpret any specification of alarm system that you require.

Categories L1-L5, P1-P2, M

Fire Alarm Systems are categorised according to risk and purpose. Some designed to protect property (P1-P2) but most to protect life (L1-L5). Manual Systems (M) are not automated and rely on personnel to raise the alarm by shouting or operating a bell or Call Point system. It is important to follow the specification documented and given by your architect or system advisor. Texell Systems can interpret and design a system that will comply with this specification.

Quality Assurance System

Texell Systems has a Quality Assurance System detailed in our Quality Management Manual. We have many years experience in Quality Assurance Systems originally in healthcare and hospital departments so we implicitly understand that ensuring quality is much more than just a paper exercise. Quality Management is as much a company outlook which requires an honest appraisal of all company activities as it is a system to ensure quality standards are maintained.

ISO9001 Compliant

Texell Systems has an ISO9001 compliant Quality Assurance System